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Caldas de Reis is situated north of the province of Pontevedra, opening up to the dynamics of Arousa estuary, at a crossroads whose prime exponent is the AP-9, the main north-south axis of communications for Galicia-Portugal.

Caldas is located between the towns of Pontevedra and Santiago, 10 kms from the sea, as a gateway to the valley Salnés and Rias Baixas.

This geographical location and this excellent communications make it a strategic location for the development of industrial, tourist, commercial and residential.

It is, in turn, capital of the District of Caldas, which brings together the councils of Catoira, Cuntis, Moraña, Pontecesures, Portas and Valga, with a total population of 35,514 inhabitants.

In short, a people with charm, where it placed and services may take a few days descando.

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Restaurant Lotus
Av. Dolores Mosquera, 16
36650 Caldas de Reis (Pontevedra)
Phone.: 986 540 602 | Legal Notice


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